• Teachers can use the software as a rotation activity to their existing writing programme. Students can create their posts themselves, ready for the teacher to check and publish.
  • Teachers can publish posts themselves if they wish, such as homework assignments, class activities, a class newsletter each term, etc
  • An Editorial Comments section within the edit area of a post allows teachers to provide feedback to students on work in progress or submitted for publishing. (these are not published publicly, for internal use only)
  • A checklist of Success Criteria for students to complete before they submit their work, which can be modified by teachers at any time.
  • Students and teachers (Authors) have their own “Page”, which is automatically created as soon as their first posts are published on the site and all their posts are listed in descending date order as a type of digital e-Portfolio.
  • Students and teachers can easily create image slide shows and embed videos into any Post (in only 3 steps). Our unique Video embedder also provides a feature whereby no related or suggested videos display at the end of each video.
  • Teachers can use the software as a rotation activity to their existing reading programme. Students can go the school’s online newspaper and read posts published by other students. They can then leave a positive comment for the authors, helping them develop good digital citizenship skills.
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