Products and Services

What schools like about our software is the flexibility it provides to be used in the way that schools want to use it.

We have a base product that has standard features and schools can choose to add other modules as and when they want to meet their needs.  By doing this, we can offer a school a simple online solution through to a fully featured site with all the bells and whistles.

Below is a list of the products we offer to a school (or any organisation) who want a cost effective online presence.

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  • Your schools has full control on all the content on your Cabu! site, including menus
  • The software is mobile responsive, so it displays well on iPads, tablets and mobile phones
  • Our software is also backed up on three secure servers around the world
  • Google language translator is included, with over 80 languages available
  • All files (images, documents, music, etc) are compressed during upload without affecting quality

Services We Provide

  • Professional Site Build
  • Training / PD
  • Hosting of your Site
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Content
  • Unlimited Online Support

Key Products

E-Learning Software

A classroom tool that teachers can use for writing and reading, which publishes student’s work into an online newspaper article

 Online Communication Tool

If you have parents who use their mobile phones more than computers, you need a mobile friendly online communication solution that is easy to use


If you don’t currently have a website or want to upgrade your existing one, we can provide a stand alone site or integrated with our other products


Optional Add Ons

 Forms and Surveys

Create forms  for Report an Absence, Enquiry, Bus Changes, Change of Contact details, etc  plus Community Surveys –  all on your Cabu! site.  Submissions are emailed immediately and can also be downloaded as a CSV file.

 Immediate Alerts

2 steps in one – for adding an alert Post on your site, which is also immediately sent out as an email to your database. Great to use to let them know about cancellations, reminders, school closure, lockdown, etc.

 Mobile Friendly Newsletters

Publish on the site and email to parents to read directly from any computer, device or phone as it is mobile friendly.  Can be sent in a nice formatted email automatically with reporting options to track opens, clicks, etc

 Event Calendar

Parents and caregivers can subscribe to calendar categories of their choice, receiving email alerts as soon as an event is published on the school calendar.  Emails are also sent out to subscribers when events are cancelled

  Secure Site via Subscription

If extra security is important, this solution will allow only approved parent/caregivers to be subscribers and have access to secure content on the site.  Individual posts/pages can be password protected as well

 Google Login

If your school uses Google Apps, your staff and students can log into your Cabu! site using their Google credentials, eliminating the need to create users manually on your Cabu! e-learning or e-news site


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