School Rewards

The Cabu! software also provides a fundraising tool for the school (called School Rewards) via online advertising by local businesses on the side bar of the online newspaper, which can help contribute to the cost of the monthly hosting fee and potentially provide the school with a passive income.   This is the online equivalent of a paper school newsletter with advertising on the back.

The adverts are designed to blend into the site, not take over the site and only a limited number of adverts display at any one time to ensure this.

Only businesses suitable for a school audience (such as trades, services and retail) will be allowed on the site to preserve the integrity of the school community.

Cabu! handles all the adverts, links and payments so there is no work for the school to do.   That’s great peace of mind for your school!

The school can receive Rewards in one or both of the following ways:

  • If the school secures a business to advertise on their online newspaper, the school will earn 50% of the advertising fee
  • If Cabu! secures a business to advertise on the school’s online newspaper, the school will earn 10% of the advertising fee