Trust Grant Funding

Just a few of the Trusts that have supported schools with our software

Many of our schools have applied to a Trust for a grant and have been approved as the Cabu! software qualifies for funding.  This only applies to schools in New Zealand.

We can assist with locating the nearest Trusts to your school and provide the application forms and other documentation required to attach to your application.

The application made is for the price of the full package, which includes:

  • Full price of the software, with standard customisation
  • Any Add Ons as required (Eg.Forms, Surveys, Immediate Alerts, etc)
  • Up to 9 hours online training / PD (via Google Meet)

  • First 2 months hosting

The only ongoing cost to the school is a monthly hosting fee, which start from $29.95 + GST depending on school roll.  We base our pricing on per 10 students, with a fixed monthly fee for the first 12 months.  This is payable from the 3rd month after the site has been built.

For very small schools, we can discuss an option that includes your hosting fee for the first 12 months, and/or a management fee of your site.

There is no guarantee that your school will be approved for funding, and the process takes time, but it is an option for schools who’s budget doesn’t allow for the extra expenditure.